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Case Study

Yeah Bagels

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Project Overview

Build a simple website that is easy to use to sell bagels. During the Pandemic, Covid hit many businesses hard but we have to adapt to survive so Yeah Bagels, a small family run bagel shop needed a web store to start selling to all over Sofia.

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Low amount of business due to lack of footfall and Covid. The sales had fallen drastically due to Covid so business ground to a halt. They needed a way to sell bagels to new and existing customers.


Brand Strategy

Design Strategy

Graphic Design

Social Media Design

Print Design


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Strategy & Approach

We created a simple e-commerce website that enabled them to increase reach. We also redesigned the logo to match the simplicity of the website.

The Result

Yeah Bagels were able to generate more sales and increase revenue during a global pandemic. They have had 5x more sales than they had when business was good and people have been complimenting new logo design that we created.

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