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Wombat Invest

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Project Overview

We started the Wombat project from initial concept to real world product. Wombat is an exciting investment app that is changing the way we see investing.

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Wombat wanted an app that lets ordinary non investors invest in a complex market with lots of uncertainty.


App Design

Design Strategy

Graphic Design

Marketing Design

UI Design

UX Design

Video Editing

Website Design

Website Development

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Strategy & Approach

We took the whole process of investing and refined it, making it much simpler and easy to understand. Then we created an application with a smooth UI and UX so that the users could start investing without all the hassle.

The Result

Wombat has gone form a idea on paper to be valued at £24million, with 180k+ strong user base all over the UK.

Kane Harrison

In 2016 Wombat was a new idea of a world where everyone is able to invest. We took this idea created The UI designs and created the all the creatives, videos for a successful crowd funding round with Crowd Cube of £240,000. After this we designed all comms, pitch decks, internal / external graphic and video media. We developed the website platform. Our partnership with Wombat has seen a further successful funding round of £2million, putting Wombat in the top 1% of start-ups.

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