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Visa Brochure

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Project Overview

Visa needed a brochure for an event to showcase, menus and event specific stuff. They asked us to create one that aligned with the current event but also didn't stray too much from the Visa branding and ethos.

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Brochure for the Visa Innovation Center. The brochure needed to convey a high end, premium feel, while still remaining practical to order the Hospitality service. The brochure showcases the amazing imagery that Baxterstorey take of their dishes by utilising white space around the colourful images to draw your eyes to the focal point of the images.


Social Media Design

Graphic Design

Design Strategy

Print Design

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Strategy & Approach

We crafted a design that made all the information super easy to read. We removed a lot of clutter from the brochure to make the reading experience as short as possible. but still include enough information.

The Result

The end result was a really professional looking brochure that was really simple and easy to read. The right balance of information for the menu items and events covered during the day.

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