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Bulldog sports

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Project Overview

"We need a logo that works for us and our customers. Ours well sucks" This is a direct quote from Bulldog Sport. They wanted to create a brand that would help them resonate better with their existing audiences. They were aimint at selling more products and looking awesome at the same time.

Bulldog sports logo on sports equipment background
Black Football boot with Bulldog sport logo in white on it
Bulldog sports logo in white
Guy lifting weights with bulldog logo icon in background
Guy doing a press up in front of a black bulldog sports logo
Bulldog Sports logo on various items of working out gear
Black Bulldog Sport logo on fabic
White Bulldog sport logo surrounded by gym weights
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Bulldog Sports were struggling to connect with their audience. They had a very outdated brand and logo mark that didn't really represent them very well to new and existing clientele.



Graphic Design

Marketing Design

Marketing Strategy

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Strategy & Approach

We did an in depth research on what existing customers wanted and what new customers also wanted. Then compared and bench marked this to all of their competitors to create a Brand that will stand out. We created a logo mark and a text based logo to be used together as well as separately. The logo is made to be versatile and can be used across a wide variety of platforms and media. The logo uses negative space to make it stand out and at the same time it's still obvious.

The Result

We were able to create a brand that works for their customers which resulted in more sales of current product ranges. This has lead to a future launch of an e-commerce store.

Andrew Blackwell

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