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Case Study

Food Inc

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Project Overview

Branding, website and on going marketing. Food Inc is a unique restaurant with multiple locations that needed a brand and website. They wanted a platform where they could showcase daily changing menus for all 4 locations.

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Daily changing menus for all 4 locations was a massive undertaking each week. The business needed a way to show the latest menu for clients, reduce the resource needed for this and have it look great.


Website Development

Graphic Design

Marketing Design

Design Strategy


App Design

Social Media Design

Website Design

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Strategy & Approach

We built a website where site managers could select form a library of dishes to build the menu for each week. We also created pages for digital menus behind the counters and also QR codes to scan and see the menu on your own device.

The Result

The whole process saved over 6 hours on each location on a weekly basis. They were also able to keep all menus synced.

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