Client agreement

This is a contract and is legally binding document between Bond Design & Co and the company or person who's details are at the bottom.


All prices are based on your current specified briefs and discussions, a copy will be supplied via email in either quote, invoice, estimate, form. Prices have a 30 day expiry limit. If you have changed your mind or want to add more content then this price will / could change, so please contact us with your additions and we will let you know about any additions to the price quoted, and supply a new specification.

We will supply a full break down of the specification for the website. This will include features the site will have that included in the pre-approved price. Once the approval has been given, we will request any relevant content from yourself, in relation to logo’s branding, images and other types of content. Once we have been sent this then we will create a time-line for each stage. The time-line is not fixed and may change due to, client delay, changes in job specifications.

Basic training into the platform is additional. For full training details see the Training section. If you require additional training of staff member this service set up at additional costs. Upon completing the training we make the candidate will take a test to make sure they are competent in making the changes to the website. By completing this test the candidate shows that they are able to make changes to the site without creating problems of breaking the sites code. If the test is failed the by the candidate then we will work with them to pass another test at additional costs of £250 +vat per day.

All source code files will be supplied on final bill payment. If you choose a support package we main not supply the final files as we will need them to manage your site.

Design work

You will need to supply us a brief or instructions on your design task. These will need to be clear and a deadline will need to be confirmed with you by one of our staff members. It is the responsibility of the client to provide a detailed brief of any specific details. Failure to provide a brief that is clear and has missing details can result in further charges at the standard hourly rate. We will create the graphics, design and any content requested and send over a proof. You will promptly send back any amendments and corrections to us and we will resupply you with another proof version. You will only receive a maximum of three proof versions per design brief. If the client delays sending the amendments, Bond Design & Co / Print Vortex will not be responsible for any delays caused. You will sign off the artwork agreeing that any other error with artwork after sign off is the your responsibility.

All design work is owned by us until the final bill is settled in full. We have the right to refuse you access to the files if you have not paid like agreed. You will not use any of the content we have design until the final bill is settled. You may only use the content before, if we send you our consent to do so. You will not resell any designs onto a third party. All licences and intellectual property belongs to Bond Design & Co / Print Vortex LTD until you full bill is settled. All credits for work belong to Bond Design & Co / Print Vortex LTD and should be credited.


We have a standard charge of £85 per hour. However we do provide different rates for each client depending on project. We will clarify your rate or fixed price in the scope we provide for costings.


Printing payments will be made upfront to confirm your order. No print work will be started until full payment is made. We will quote a price which is valid from 30 days. We will estimate delivery days for our third party delivery company. If the delivery company Failures to deliver on the specified time slot please let us know as we can try and get them to re-deliver. Third party delivery failures are not our fault, and a case will be started on your request.

If you have a problem with the printing you received, please get in contact with us instantly. We will try and rectify the problem as quickly as possible.


New clients will be asked to pay 50% of the amount upfront before the work will start. All other work after the first project, payment is to be made on request of invoice. You have 5 days from receiving the invoice to pay. We will send out reminders every 3/7/14 days. Failure to pay on time will result in a late fee for every day that payment is not received. 5% of the final balance will be added everyday you are late with payment. You can pay via our online invoice payment system, BACS, or Card.

If you are having trouble paying on time then please let us know and we will try and work out a plan.


We guarantee our all of our work and code up until final sign off, which means any further updates to design or code are chargeable at standard rate of £85 per hour. You will be supplied a copy of all the files we have created and worked on ( All source code files included ). All third party licenses taken out on your behalf by us will be transferred over to an appointed officer. We Share our dropbox root folder so you can move it easily to another device or storage device you choose. We create a back up file of this and save your code on our server for the next 3 years. If you would like us to remove all data then, let us know before the end of the contract.

Maintenance packages

You may choose to take a maintenance package, this will kick in after the sign off is completed. All work is time tracked and records are available for you to view upon request. Depending on the package you choose limits apply *see package details. Minimum contract is 6 months. Maintenance is paid monthly, failure to pay will result in the suspension of the package until the balance is settled in full. If you have chosen a support package for us to manage your website, then we will do so on your behalf and in your best interests.

If you do not take on a support package and require support on issues occurring after the final sign off, then this will be chargeable at the standard hourly rate of £85. We don’t Guarantee third party services or tools as we have no control over other company entities.

Payments are to be made within 14 days of invoiced request. Either BACS / Card / PayPal. A full invoice will be issued.

End contract early

If you choose to end your contract early then all you will have to pay for the current time spent of the current job or jobs. This will be provided when you request to end your contract early. Once balance is cleared then all files will be supplied to you, via dropbox for you to re-save onto another device. You will have 2 weeks before the dropbox folder is deleted. You can do this by emailing

Good to know

All files are your property after full payment has been made along with all licences. If you require any other third party license of software you will be responsible for the payment to the third party company. We own all design work until the final bill is settled.

Design work rights

‍We reserve the rights to display any design work created by us on our marketing or external client facing media. We retain rights to display and showcase your project as a client for Bond Design & Co. We should be credited with Being the design company, with all designs.


Hosting charges are either to be paid upfront all at once or monthly, within 14 days of receipt of invoice. Failure to pay will result in your services being placed on hold until your balanced is cleared. This will not affect your maintenance contract and you will still be charged, this will only affect you're hosting. Full hosting specs are on our website when you sign up. You can request them by email

You will have to appoint an admin that will be in charge of the hosting account with us. If you require support on hosting then please refer to the support packages.

Any questions you can email Andrew at

By working with us you agree that you have read and accept the terms and conditions set out on this page.

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