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Project Overview

Strategy Tax had a product but no way of selling it to their clients.

Strategy Tax brand guildlines
Strategy tax white logo on a purple background
Strategy Tax full colour logo
Strategy Tax business cards
Strategy Tax full colour logo on a navy background
Strategy Tax presentation slides
Strategy tax branded books
Strategy Tax icon logo
Web slides previewing website of Strategy Tax
two stacks of Strategy tax business cards
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Strategy.Tax are pushing boundaries forward. This fast thinking fresh Accountancy wanted a brand that really showed its core values. Collaboration - Innovation - Excellence. They Focus on building lasting relationships with their partners. For this project we created a unique looking logo mark with a very fresh trendy vibe.



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Marketing Strategy

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Strategy & Approach

Bond Design and Co came to the rescue. Aside from the basic competitive research and some qualitative and quantitative data, we pointed out common pain points from their competitors and translated them to clear goals. The most frequently met weak point was that the public needed a brand that "does tax" without making it overly complicated.

The Result

The outcome is clear: a website that is both informative and actionable inspires confidence in users. “Simplicity is a key” rule works for every aspect here: from content and layout to benefit-driven language. Having clear plans and features allows it to remain simple but still gives enough information to make an informed decision.

Dominic Ball

"BD&C delivered excellent work on this brand development project and I really enjoyed working with them. They have been instrumental in bringing together our brand."

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