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Project Overview

Revamp an old website to match current business needs. Improve the UX and increase conversions across the UK and US version of the site.

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The old site suffered of bad UX. Although the design was unique it lacked a clear structure that customers were expecting when visiting this type of site. The UX and UI needed a major upgrade as information was hard to find. The site didn't inspire trust.


Design Strategy

UI Design

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Website Development

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Strategy & Approach

Using AI we were able to define key areas of the Website that potential customers wanted to see but weren't clear. The content needed to be restructured and also broken down so that it was easy to read. We updated the UI to make information super easy to find.

The Result

Increased conversions. For the first time they have had to pass on prospects because they are at full capacity. The site is so smooth to navigate and Key info is easy to find for customers making the UX slick. The additions of testimonials helped inspire trust in 2Y3X's services.

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