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Project Overview

ASOS's problem was that they wanted to find a way of making employees' lunch breaks better and improve performance in the workplace. They wanted a much easier and digital solution to viewing menus across their locations.

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ASOS tasked us with creating a platform that they could use to generate more food sales. During the discovery stage, we learned that the clients would benefit form a click and collect service. This would make it easy for staff to grab lunch on the go. The menu items were kept simple and only the most popular choices were added to the menu. We developed a really quick and easy way to order using a web platform.


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Strategy & Approach

Creating a Click & Collect website and application making lunch times quick and easy. Employees could see what's on offer in the canteen, order and collect their food hassle free. The Click and Collect platform we designed not only saved them time but it helped them explore the menu and collect their food.

The Result

Click and collect sales were a MASSIVE hit and were quickly rolled out to all of their in-house locations.

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