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Project Overview

Social Co has 6 locations that needed to connect with their customers for a number of reasons. They were having a hard time getting customers to their restaurants. They wanted to reduce the huge queue at the staff microwave and get them to use the canteen and restaurant.

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Create a platform that allows staff members view and order food seamlessly and hassle-free. Reduce the waiting in queues and replace microwaved food with a healthy, freshly cooked meal.


Design Strategy

Graphic Design


Print Design

Social Media Design

Website Design

Website Development

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Strategy & Approach

We created an easy to use website with up to date menus showcasing what's on the menu for today. Better digital signage and visual aids for people to see what is on and also helped implement a loyalty app across all 6 locations. We created a way for PWC to connect with their employees and clients. We developed a platform where they could create ways to share new offers for coffee and free food. Everyone loves free brownies. We also created a series of video menus, printed media and helped extend their branding.

The Result

The increased footfall of customers to the restaurant forced us to create a Click & Collect service to their website. Nowadays the microwave is a very lonely place to be!

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